We Believe in What Play Does for Kids

There’s a current epidemic around the Country of children, primary school children, being prescribed medications for their behavior.   This isn’t anything new these days as it’s become the societal norm, even accepted as necessary, almost to the point of parents being silently questioned and judged in their parenting skills if at least one of their children are not taking some form of prescription medication for behavioral problems. 

This is not supposed to be the norm. This is not how human beings were created to exist, but lets, for the sake of argument, take a look into why this is happening.  This isn’t some new trend of disease but rather a new trend of imbalance, not in the child, but in the environment from which the child is exposed.

Children today are taken into a system which now dictates their very existence.  Everything is controlled now in such uniformity that any deviance in the expected outcome is deemed, abnormal.  The truth is… Children are abnormal.. it’s why we call them children.  They are our offspring and they are a new and wonderful creation of energy and curiosity, much of which we have outgrown and now take for granted, not remembering how once we were also in need of such guidance and understanding.

playsets for childrenToday we stuff our children into safe everything, ordering their lives and placing them in daycares, schools and even homes which have no room for they to play, explore and discover.  We have forgotten how important these aspects are to our children development.  Play time is essential to a child.   It ensures their development both physically as well as mentally, emotionally and socially.  Single play or in a group setting will challenge your child’s imagination as well as their problem solving skills, causing them to think and grow and exercise their limitless potential. 

This is why we believe in what play does for kids.  It’s the quintessential necessity to giving them the tools they need to grow into their absolute greatest potential.  Do you truly thing Micheal Jordan just woke up one day and decided to become the greatest basketball player ever…?   No.  He made that decision from being engaged in playing basketball and continuing with a dream born from that play.   How can we possibly expect our children to grow into their full potential, dare I state, into their destiny, without the development which can only be achieved through play?

play sets and chilren's health