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At Glick's Play Sets, we believe in kids.  

We believe that they are the key to our future. And we believe that we have an obligation to give them every opportunity for a happy, healthy and successful life.

We also believe that physical play time is a huge benefit to kids.

So many studies have proven that such time promotes physical, mental and emotional health on many levels.  It also promotes better problems solving ability, the use of imagination that leads to career success in their adult years, and it provides a muscle memory framework for the body to reference as they grow in order to have a drive to maintain physical health.

We also believe in the power of wonderful memories built with friends and family during  play time.

All of those factors "Play" into our belief and our mission. We wish to do our part to provide all of those opportunities to your children and give You the tools to help them be the most they can be... And if it means you have a little peace of mind knowing they are on the safest wooden play set available while you have a few minutes to do something other than entertain them... well... then we've accomplished everything we have hoped to do.

Contact us right now to get your system ordered today!

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